Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reasoning for the New Layout and Ttile

  Hey guys!

  Well, as you can tell the blog has taken a new format. It's always kind of changing but now there is a reason for this new design, and I intend to keep it that way.

  I was scrolling through some of the photos that blogger has to offer and found this lovely photo of a city. *Gestures hands towards background.* It is more than lovely actually, it is mesmerizing. This photo is a tapestry of shaded green lights, glistening jeweled water, things that catch the eye, that all glow under a beautiful  sky decorated in a green haze. And that, is exactly what I try to capture when I write. Mesmerizing details and descriptions, beautiful scenery that leaves you feeling like you've just been there. Truly mesmerizing books. That's what I want.

  I always try to hint in little details about my writerly life when I blog. Where I am at the moment, and how everything is going. Editing is where I am at this exact moment, and through editing I've come to realize that goal that I want. Mesmerizing writing.

  And so, I properly changed the title of this blog, to demonstrate what it really is about, what the goal is. Along with this change I will trying to update more often, at least a couple of times a week.

  So, followers, perusers of blogs, any one interested in writing. I hope that this blog can shape that goal in your minds and make you want to mesmerize your readers, just as much as I want to.

  Besides, what is life without those truly mesmerizing moments?

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