Monday, September 3, 2012

School's Starting Again...

  So... school.... *insert synchronized sigh here.*

  It's started back up again, and you know what that means. Homework, homework, a little bit of play practice, homework, maybe some sleep, homework, more homework, homework, oh and did I mention homework?

  It doesn't really help that I'm taking AP World this year which is supposedly the hardest class you will ever take in the history of your high school life (not sure if I believe that yet.)  And with school means more plays, since it's required to do at least two plays a year at my school.

  Oh, and none of us can ever forget seminary, can we?
  (For those of you wondering, seminary is this thing we Mormons do where we get up in the morning at five and go to church. Fun, right?)


  With all of this stuff going on, it's hard fitting writing time anywhere here. So, how does one master the art of time management?

  As writers, that's something we all should learn. Something that helps me manage time is keeping a schedule. It's just a basic set up for what I do every day and where writing slots fit. I have one, but it's not like a follow it to the very last minute type of schedule. Just an outline.

  5-Get up and go to seminary
  7-8:30- Writing Time before school
  9-4- School
  4-4:45- Chores around the house and the occasional snack
  4:45- 6 or 7ish or 8 (Depending on the homework load)- Homework
  6 or 7ish or 8- 9- Writing Time
  9-10- Whatever I want time (Most days this transforms in to writing time)
  10- Go to bed

  And then I get up and start the pattern all over again! Yay for monotony!!!! With this I can basically see where I can squeeze writing time in. Of course, eating finds it way in there and some bathroom breaks (unless, you know, you want to become a starved person with a bladder infection.)

  I know extracurricular things come along. With the plays I'm in the rehearsal usually go from 4:30 to 7, taking up much of my homework time. I have church activities as well and later in the season basketball. These can all get tangled and mess with a perfect little schedule you have mapped out in your head. That's why it's best to get ahead of your writing if you can. Instead of writing 2,000 words, maybe add an extra 100. Those words will pile up and make up for lost time.

  Through all of this it's always important to keep your writing time holy. Don't just waste it by re-reading old writing, or staring at the computer screen wondering what to say next, or being persuaded by the evil internet icon and having hour long journeys on Facebook. Not that that's ever happened to me before though... *coughs nervously.*

  So, as a writer time management is something you need to master. Which in the end will benefit you and your writing.


  1. Howdy, fellow LDS!

    We live 45 minutes from our last Ward building (before they changed the bounderies) and 25 from our current Ward building, so my siblings and I have ALWAYS done home study. I've seen that picture before, though. It makes me laugh.

    Hope all goes well with school. I graduated this year so, booyah! In yo' face! Just kidding. I do feel good now that I don't have to worry about it, though. :O)

    1. Yeah, we live like literally 4 minutes away from my ward building, so that's never been a problem.