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Finished Works 
(When I say finished, these all have at least the first draft done, they need some editing though...)


Sixteen year old Kya is a Water Manipulator, a person with the ability to control water. In a dystopian society where she is considered a freak of nature her and the people of her Colony are forced to live on the outskirts of civilization, guarded by Chasers, forbidden to ever use their powers.
When a natural disaster strikes, Kya's life is suddenly turned upside down. Everything she's ever know to be true is a lie. Without really meaning to, Kya is caught in a whirl wind of events and becomes an Evolutionist, a rebel against the Risen, the society that shunned her, and her people.
In a desperate attempt to save her friend she unlocks the key to her past, and eventually the key to bring back the freedom to her people, the Manipulators.
In a world twisted by hate, where blood is shed and unimaginable power unleashed, can Kya resist being Manipulated?

The first in a planned trilogy.  

A Room For Lost Souls:

Annette has an average life, average family, average friends, average everything.  But nothing is average about her life when she gets killed.
After a brutal murder, Annette and her cousin Kate awake in a white room, no doors, no windows, and no way out. Slowly the truth about their killer and murder unfolds.
Suddenly the two discover all too much, and when Kate's soul is taken from the room, Annette must recover her with the help of friends, but in the recovery they find themselves thrust into a secret rebellion. Nothing can ever be the same for Annette, not now, not ever...

Works in Progress

Running Through Water/ NANO for 2012:

Seventeen year old Piper's life has been a living hell since her brother Riley died, though she refuses to admit it. It isn't until she meets a boy, a boy with a past as colorful as a pack of crayola crayons, a boy who suddenly happens to be in almost every part of her life, a boy who is blind. As their shaky friendship grows Piper learns what it means to appreciate the life she has, and to put your trust in someone completely, especially her Heavenly Father.
My NANO for 2012 and also my faith project for personal progress. 

The Sunrise Wars:

Laurel lives in a world of darkness. Her people, the Shadows, are at war for the thing they need most, light. Their battlefield? A land forever stuck in sunset. When her fathers dies in the war her only friend Bay is sent as a replacement. Not wanting to lose the only person she has left goes to save him, but in doing so, discovers the truth about the world the Shadows are waring against.


Rayn is a girl living in the Connection, a seemingly perfect utopia. Seers are the leaders of the Connection, they each posses powers which the people believe to be true and with the power they posses they can predict how everyone’s life is going to turn out, and somehow, it always turns out the way the seers predict it to be.  Each person presiding in the Connection is given an aura, or prophecy when they are born describing how their entire life is going to turn out. Rayn has an average aura, and an average life, but something inside of her has always wondered what life would be like without the guidance of an aura...
Aarek is a fugitive, his aura predicted he would become a Seer, but he discovers a secret, and his whole life is turned upside down. On the run he is wanted by all of the purifiers in the Connection, trained soldiers whose sole purpose is to hunt down fugitives. 
When the two collide the Connection will never be the same.

Daughters of the Ocean: 

Mermaids, sirens, naiads, sea witches, all they've ever been to the surface world are myths, but to Cariba, a mermaid, they are all a strong reality.
Under the Ocean, mythical female sea creatures have been living, but not only living, they've created a society of their own. Once a strong and happy place, the daughters of the ocean lived together, but when the Syrians, once part of the daughters but then transformed in to horrible tentacled creatures, took over, times for the daughters were bleak.
When Cariba's sister Mele is murdered by a Syrian she vows her revenge and takes off to take them on.
Meanwhile, Jace, a human intern studying abroad at a marine park, discovers that the underwater society actually exists. Nobody will believe him, but he is determined to bring back proof and find out for sure if his theory is correct...


  1. Hiya Giselle! I love finding other young writers on blogger:) I'm finishing up my first year as a creative writing major at GVSU and working thru my first book. I really like the concepts of your work, especially Manipulation- it definitely sounds like something would love to read!
    The Fiction Diaries

    1. Thanks! It's always nice hearing from other writers as well.