Friday, June 29, 2012


 Hmmm, well I was going to write some extremely mind provoking post about writing that leaves you tantalized with thoughts about your new work in progress... 

  But then I got lazy. 

  Sooo, this post is about being lazy. 

  I've mentioned the disease author-itise here before, and now I'm going to mention it again. As I have said I have an extreme case. No, I mean like extreme. All I do is sit on my butt all day, write, get writer's block (the kind where you have no motivation for anything), attempt to get up and do something productive, then settle for having an all out Avatar the Last Airbender marathon with some Korra on the side.

  If you did not know this about me, I am an absolute Avaterd. The obsessive geeky kind who makes cosplay costumes.

  But, back on track! 

  This is an unhealthy cycle, (taken frome experience) and because of this, in the time I could have writen 2,000 words, I've only written 1,000. 


  That is the perfect word to describe my writing rut. 


  Great, now my vocabulary has turned to the inferior means of communication that was once utilized by prehistoric men. 


  Some things that have helped me escape the writing trap are little tricks. 

  First and foremost!!!

  Always, and I mean always have a tab open for your current WIP. That little space at the bottom of your browser will appear in your mind and send you on a guilt trip if you do not have it open. 


 Turn off your internet, if possible. If you can turn your internet off, do it now! (Well, not right now, because your reading this blog post, but I mean when you need to write.) No internet, no hours wasted! 


  Get your own motivation. Sometimes the motivation we need won't just come to us, we need to force ourselves to write, and even if we write crap, that's all right (this is what editing is for.) Don't peruse the internet in hopes of finding some random motivation in all those facebook news feeds. If worse comes to worse and you simply cannot write, get up, do stuff! 

  In my world, having an Avatar marathon is considered stuff, so I am safe from this post...... (smiles weakly) 

 I'm joking. But, I have taken this advice seriously before and it does help. As soon as this blog post is done I will be on my book, forcing myself to edit. Just keep at it, the laziness will subside soon enough when your story keeps growing. 

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