Sunday, August 19, 2012

Origin Giveaway!

  Hey guys!

  Brand new author, Jessica Khoury is having an awesome giveaway over there on her blog, Go check it out! It includes tons of fantastical prizes you'll be sure to love.
Origin, the new YA novel by Jessica Khoury, is about to come about! Super excited for this one! To find out more about check out this website

  And look at this awesome trailer!

  Be excited. I know I am.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Diary Blogfest

  I am back from camp, and it was awesome!

  So Katie over in Fiction Diaries is doing a blog fest. Basically you are supposed to list 100 random things about yourself... Well (cracks knuckles) Here I go!

1. I love Sesame Chicken.
2.I am Mormon, and I love being it!
3.I am the second oldest in a family of six kids, ranging from seventeen to ten months.
4. I have braces.
5. I never change the color of my braces. They will stay blue!
6. I go to an arts school for Drama.
7. I love acting (if it wasn't obvious from the drama program I'm in)
8. I am writing a series.
9. I have been writing since I was twelve.
10. I just started writing a new book about human plant-hybrids... and I couldn't be more excited.
11. I have misophonia, which basically means I want to punch anybody who chews loudly.
12. I am part Hispanic.
13. I am part white.
14. I have waist length curly hair.
15. The longest I've ever stayed up writing was until five in the morning.
16. During the summer I am a bum.
17. I am addicted to the show Avatar The Last Airbender!
18. I have created four Cosplay costumes for the character Katara, all were hand sewn.
19. And yes, when I was ten I cut pieces of blue fabric, tied them to my wrists, slashed my siblings back and told everyone I was a waterbender.
20. I recently spent three days in the woods, dressed as pioneer, pulling a hand cart, with no showers.
21. I have also recently spent a week in the woods, not dressed as a pioneer but having an awesome time at camp. 
22. I am afraid of manatees. 
23. I love lemon doughnuts.
24. I used to write plays.
25. I discovered writing plays isn't as fun as novel writing because you only get the dialogue.
26. I have tons of cousins.
27. I am typing right now on this laptop.
28. I am now discovering writing 100 things about yourself is harder than it looks.
29. Oooh! 100 years ago the Titanic sank, and I love that movie. 
30. I have not seen Avengers, though I want to badly.
31. My favorite song right now is "Set Fire to the Third Bar" by snow patrol.
32. I am fifteen years old (can't believe I didn't think of that one earlier.)
33. Hunger Games is my favorite series.
34. It is also my favorite book.
35. I share a room with six year old little brother and four year old little sister. 
36. Due to this my room never stays clean for long.
37. I speak Spanish.
38. I also speak English.
39. You are now realizing that, that was obvious.
40. My mother also grew up in a family of six.
41. I feel like a criminal reading the books at Barnes and Noble because I haven't payed for them. 
42. Reading the books at Barnes and Noble is oh, so tempting though.
43. Did I mention I love sesame chicken? Well I also love any Chinese food.
44. I have discovered editing is a crap load of work.
45. So is writing.
46. I wouldn't be writing if I cared about the work load.
47. I'm almost half way to the half way mark!
48. I once watched the LOTR trilogy on the way to Nauvoo.
49. I fell asleep and missed most of the second movie.
50. I've reached the half point line!
51. On that same trip to Nauvoo I rode there in a care with no air conditioning.
52. Because of this we had the windows down half the time
53. Remember what I said about my hair being waist length? That came as a problem when my hair started whipping people's faces. 
54. I eventually decided to stuff my face under a pillowcase to cover my hair and I looked like this...
55. And no, Nauvoo is not a planet from Star Wars. 
56. That trip was particularly big because it involved all our family, cousins included.
57. I am now moving off of the topic of Nauvoo.
58. I hate make up.
59. I never carry around a purse.
60. In short, I am not a girly girl.
61. I recently read the ending book of the Maximum Ride series. 
62. The ending was horrendous.
63. I still haven't gotten my school summer reading book.
64. I love gummy bears.
65. I love gummy worms just as much.
66. I eat them even if I do have braces.
67. I eat a lot of things I'm not supposed to eat while on braces.
68. My dream role is probably Carlotta fro POTO.
69. I would want to play her because she has an amazing vocal range and her character is so funny.
70. "They lov-ed me! Love-ed me, lov-ed me!'- Favorite quote from Carlotta.
71. I recently watched Love Never Dies, which is the sequel to POTO.
72. It was amazing!
73. I am realizing for the second time how hard coming up with 100 things about yourself is.
74. If I could pick a cartoon character to marry it would be Sokka.
73. I would pick him because he is so funny.
74. "This drink, I like it. ANOTHER! *smashes cup on ground*"- Thor. Favorite movie line right now.
75. I like wearing flip flops.
76. It's a pain in the butt finding socks.
77. I almost always wear mismatched socks when I do where socks.
78. I also wear knee length mismatched socks that I roll down to my ankles.
79. I think fluffy pillows are amazing when you are tired.
80. I love the Gallagher Girls series.
81. I love the book Matched and Crossed.
82. I love Divergent and Insurgent.
83. Now I am just naming books I like. 
84. I have an obsession with plums. 
85. I also have an obsession with grapes. 
86. I have too many inside jokes with too many friends to count.
87. I love the musical Wicked. 
88. I love eating s'mores year round.
89. If you didn't know, s'mores are a year round snack.
90. I know almost every line from Nacho Libre.
91. I love love love orange juice, I could drink that stuff by the gallon.
92. I could eat breakfast items for lunch and dinner. They are the best!
93. I hate ice in my drinks.
94. Right now I am in fuzzy pajamas. 
95. I have discovered my brother's laugh is the cutest thing in the world.
96. I have always wanted to have a Hunger Games themed camp where everyone wore flags, and if your flag was pulled you had been killed. I have this game plotted out in my head.
97. It bugs me when people say, oh your writing a book. Are you going to publish it? Well... I want to, but that may take years...
98. I only have two more things to say about myself left!
99. I try to keep up a journal, but I always fail. Though right now I've been pretty consistent. 
100. I love running around the woods pretending I am Katniss.

*Whew* Imagine me wiping my brow and then collapsing on the floor from utter exhaustion.
Well that's it! Don't worry I haven't actually died. Head on over to fiction diaries if you want to see what other people are participating.