Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Temple

  I love to see the temple
  I'm going there someday 
  To feel the holy spirit
  To listen and to pray
  For the temple is a house of God
  A place of love and beauty
  I'll prepare myself while I am young
  This is my sacred duty 

  I love that song. Very much I do. Recently our youth group went on a temple trip. We rarely get to go because the temple is an hour and a half drive away from us. But when we do go... it's the best.
  This is the Raleigh temple, or the temple we went to.
  For those who don't know what the temple is, it is a vital part of my religion. It is a place where sacred ordinances are performed. In the temple you can be sealed to the people you love for eternity, in the temple you covenant with our Heavenly Father, in the temple you can do work for others who don't have the means to do what they need to do. Or in other words, baptisms for the dead.
  As youth, that's mostly what we do.
  And please don't think we dig up people out of their graves and then dunk their bones in holy water.
  That would be just plain disgusting.
  What we do is baptize those who have passed on, since they don't have a body to do the work themselves. These are the people who died without knowing the gospel, the people who died and didn't get a chance.
  It's amazing work, I love every time we go. If you see some of the names they use they tell when they were born and when they died. There are people who had been waiting since the 1600's and up. That's centuries and centuries of waiting, and your doing something for them that they had been waiting for.  
  That's one of the reasons why I love going. It's a service, a service to them and to our Heavenly Father.
  Here's a picture of what a baptismal font looks like.
  I love to see the temple. I truly do.

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  1. Awww, this is just fantastic! I know you are awesome. Just to link two of our posts together, this is a post I wrote on the same subject. I love you so much darling!