Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Diary Blogfest

  I am back from camp, and it was awesome!

  So Katie over in Fiction Diaries is doing a blog fest. Basically you are supposed to list 100 random things about yourself... Well (cracks knuckles) Here I go!

1. I love Sesame Chicken.
2.I am Mormon, and I love being it!
3.I am the second oldest in a family of six kids, ranging from seventeen to ten months.
4. I have braces.
5. I never change the color of my braces. They will stay blue!
6. I go to an arts school for Drama.
7. I love acting (if it wasn't obvious from the drama program I'm in)
8. I am writing a series.
9. I have been writing since I was twelve.
10. I just started writing a new book about human plant-hybrids... and I couldn't be more excited.
11. I have misophonia, which basically means I want to punch anybody who chews loudly.
12. I am part Hispanic.
13. I am part white.
14. I have waist length curly hair.
15. The longest I've ever stayed up writing was until five in the morning.
16. During the summer I am a bum.
17. I am addicted to the show Avatar The Last Airbender!
18. I have created four Cosplay costumes for the character Katara, all were hand sewn.
19. And yes, when I was ten I cut pieces of blue fabric, tied them to my wrists, slashed my siblings back and told everyone I was a waterbender.
20. I recently spent three days in the woods, dressed as pioneer, pulling a hand cart, with no showers.
21. I have also recently spent a week in the woods, not dressed as a pioneer but having an awesome time at camp. 
22. I am afraid of manatees. 
23. I love lemon doughnuts.
24. I used to write plays.
25. I discovered writing plays isn't as fun as novel writing because you only get the dialogue.
26. I have tons of cousins.
27. I am typing right now on this laptop.
28. I am now discovering writing 100 things about yourself is harder than it looks.
29. Oooh! 100 years ago the Titanic sank, and I love that movie. 
30. I have not seen Avengers, though I want to badly.
31. My favorite song right now is "Set Fire to the Third Bar" by snow patrol.
32. I am fifteen years old (can't believe I didn't think of that one earlier.)
33. Hunger Games is my favorite series.
34. It is also my favorite book.
35. I share a room with six year old little brother and four year old little sister. 
36. Due to this my room never stays clean for long.
37. I speak Spanish.
38. I also speak English.
39. You are now realizing that, that was obvious.
40. My mother also grew up in a family of six.
41. I feel like a criminal reading the books at Barnes and Noble because I haven't payed for them. 
42. Reading the books at Barnes and Noble is oh, so tempting though.
43. Did I mention I love sesame chicken? Well I also love any Chinese food.
44. I have discovered editing is a crap load of work.
45. So is writing.
46. I wouldn't be writing if I cared about the work load.
47. I'm almost half way to the half way mark!
48. I once watched the LOTR trilogy on the way to Nauvoo.
49. I fell asleep and missed most of the second movie.
50. I've reached the half point line!
51. On that same trip to Nauvoo I rode there in a care with no air conditioning.
52. Because of this we had the windows down half the time
53. Remember what I said about my hair being waist length? That came as a problem when my hair started whipping people's faces. 
54. I eventually decided to stuff my face under a pillowcase to cover my hair and I looked like this...
55. And no, Nauvoo is not a planet from Star Wars. 
56. That trip was particularly big because it involved all our family, cousins included.
57. I am now moving off of the topic of Nauvoo.
58. I hate make up.
59. I never carry around a purse.
60. In short, I am not a girly girl.
61. I recently read the ending book of the Maximum Ride series. 
62. The ending was horrendous.
63. I still haven't gotten my school summer reading book.
64. I love gummy bears.
65. I love gummy worms just as much.
66. I eat them even if I do have braces.
67. I eat a lot of things I'm not supposed to eat while on braces.
68. My dream role is probably Carlotta fro POTO.
69. I would want to play her because she has an amazing vocal range and her character is so funny.
70. "They lov-ed me! Love-ed me, lov-ed me!'- Favorite quote from Carlotta.
71. I recently watched Love Never Dies, which is the sequel to POTO.
72. It was amazing!
73. I am realizing for the second time how hard coming up with 100 things about yourself is.
74. If I could pick a cartoon character to marry it would be Sokka.
73. I would pick him because he is so funny.
74. "This drink, I like it. ANOTHER! *smashes cup on ground*"- Thor. Favorite movie line right now.
75. I like wearing flip flops.
76. It's a pain in the butt finding socks.
77. I almost always wear mismatched socks when I do where socks.
78. I also wear knee length mismatched socks that I roll down to my ankles.
79. I think fluffy pillows are amazing when you are tired.
80. I love the Gallagher Girls series.
81. I love the book Matched and Crossed.
82. I love Divergent and Insurgent.
83. Now I am just naming books I like. 
84. I have an obsession with plums. 
85. I also have an obsession with grapes. 
86. I have too many inside jokes with too many friends to count.
87. I love the musical Wicked. 
88. I love eating s'mores year round.
89. If you didn't know, s'mores are a year round snack.
90. I know almost every line from Nacho Libre.
91. I love love love orange juice, I could drink that stuff by the gallon.
92. I could eat breakfast items for lunch and dinner. They are the best!
93. I hate ice in my drinks.
94. Right now I am in fuzzy pajamas. 
95. I have discovered my brother's laugh is the cutest thing in the world.
96. I have always wanted to have a Hunger Games themed camp where everyone wore flags, and if your flag was pulled you had been killed. I have this game plotted out in my head.
97. It bugs me when people say, oh your writing a book. Are you going to publish it? Well... I want to, but that may take years...
98. I only have two more things to say about myself left!
99. I try to keep up a journal, but I always fail. Though right now I've been pretty consistent. 
100. I love running around the woods pretending I am Katniss.

*Whew* Imagine me wiping my brow and then collapsing on the floor from utter exhaustion.
Well that's it! Don't worry I haven't actually died. Head on over to fiction diaries if you want to see what other people are participating.

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