Monday, April 2, 2012

Setting the Mood through Music


   I know we all listen to it when we write. A calming or thrilling thing really, it helps put us in the mood to write. It's a beautiful tool.
  But what is it about music that sets the mood, what is it about music that makes us want to write?
  I can't tell for everyone, but for me at least my reasoning is that the music travels in to my writing. How boring is it just sitting at a computer typing? Very. Though I love writing, there come a point where I need some motivation and music is my key point.  

  Take for example this song: 

  I find this song to be very motivating for me when I'm stuck. The music matches the setting of the book and most everything it stands for. Though I have no idea what they are saying, it makes me feel awesome. When I feel awesome, it translates in to my writing. I write scenes that match up with the song. I would write happy or inspirational scenes when I listen to this.

  Take this song as example as well:

   I would listen to this song when writing a sad scene, like the day after their lover broke their heart, or a funeral. It makes me want to cry, and so that also translates in to my writing as well.

  In a literal sense of the saying, your blood sweat and tears go in to your writing when you listen to music while writing. Live emotions bubble inside of you and you sense the urge to write them down. I suggest to anyone wanting to find motivation to listen to music while writing. Do it! It makes it so much more enjoyable.

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  1. Those are both good songs. I've actually gotten into listening to music as a write and at first I thought it was annoying, but I made a playlist that fits with the theme of my book and it is so much easier to write!